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Abstract Associates is a licensed title insurance agent in Pennsylvania.

We write title insurance through a few different insurance companies of our choosing.  The title insurance rates statewide are regulated by the State Insurance Commission through the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania (TIRBOP).  The title insurance rates are quoted in increments of $1,000, starting at $30,000 up to $20,000,000.  We do however have an option for much lower pricing for insurance matters over $1,000,000 – please contact us for a price quote on your settlement needs.

Abstract Associates Sale Rates

This is the standard title insurance rate to insure an owner for purchase price.  The policy may also include lender or mortgagee coverage for the required mortgage amount.  The pricing is all-inclusive of owner and lender coverage under this title insurance premium.This is the most cost effective coverage for a real estate sale transfer.

Non-Sale Rates

This is lender or mortgagee coverage only.  Typically the rate used on refinances, or mortgage only closings with lender required title insurance.



PA 100 – Restriction (Lender)  $100.00
PA 300 – Survey (Lender)  $100.00
PA 710 –  (ALTA 6.2.06) Variable Rate  $100.00
PA 810 –  (ALTA 4.1-06) Condominium  $100.00
PA 820 –  (ALTA 5.1-06) Planned Unit Development  $100.00
PA 900 –  (ALTA 8.1-06) Environmental Lien (Lender)  $100.00

Rates in the Excess over $340,000

Unit of Insurance or Fraction there of 340,001- $5.00 90%

 5,000,000 – 1,000,000  $3.75 90% of Basic
 1,000,000 – 2,000,000  $2.75 90% of Basic
 2,000,000 – 7,000,000  $2.00 2.00
 7,000,000 – 15,000,000  $1.50 1.50

Commercial/Agricultural Rates

Our expertise covers offerings in both Agricultural and Commercial Title Insurance. These rates are calculated the same as residential Title Insurance.

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